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Gold was discovered in abundance in the Shotover River in the 1860’s, starting one of the world’s biggest gold rushes of all time. Now, it’s your turn.

We have been extremely fortunate to gain access to a historic backcountry gold claim. It is a unique and remote location. While once inhabited by early fortune-seeking pioneers nowadays it is generally accessed only by helicopter.

On location our experienced guide will then show you how to correctly pan for gold. Anything you find is yours to keep – it’s a worthy memento of your time here. Close to the claim there are also a number of notable mountain trails and many of our clients take the opportunity to explore further. With the remote nature of the location it’s most likely that you will be the only person on the track.

It is a singular experience beautiful in its isolation, steeped in history and, irrespective of whether you have a big score or not, one that leaves you all the richer for having undertaken it.

If you're keen for an authentic gold mining experience and want to follow in the footsteps of early gold mining pioneers, make sure to visit Skipper's Canyon, which is one of the region's best-known local secrets and a favourite with many of our clients. 



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