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It’s New Zealand’s tallest peak – an imposing 3700+ metres of snow and slab rising above the startling blue of Lake Pukaki. We’re ready to share it with you.

We can take you along the lakefront and into the small Mt Cook Village, through the foothills and up close and personal at the base of the stunning mountain. Here lakes, icebergs and jagged rock and combine to form an almost alien landscape – one that captures and enthrals the imagination of visitors from around the world.

The drive to the mountain is no less extraordinary, with the region’s beautiful scenery changing dramatically from season to season. We’ll guide you through the hidden treasures on the way, taking our time to craft an inimitable journey ideally suited to your tastes. And, when the weather can dramatically and quickly change, our expert contingency plans will ensure no minute is wasted, no opportunity lost.

We can also organise a wider perspective of the landscape with a ski plane or helicopter flight to an isolated and undeniably incredible glacier destination.




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