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The Black Ethos

At the heart of the BLACK ethos is a belief in providing ‘non-temporary travel’. No, we don’t expect our clients to stay forever. Instead we believe their time here, no matter how fleeting, should always provide lifelong memories.

Be it the assured travel of a seamless airport transfer, a sumptuous tour through local wine and art culture, the breathtaking landscape within the spectacular alpine backcountry or any of our many incredible experiences, each BLACK journey is uniquely personal, unwaveringly professional, utterly exceptional and entirely memorable.

Andrew Brinsley first conceived of the BLACK luxury travel experience in 2009. With huge experience in the local tourism industry and a family home on the outskirts of Queenstown he understood and appreciated both the big picture and the hidden details of the region.

He knew there was growing demand for expertly guided, individually focused tours. Each needed to be carefully planned and crafted while still having the freedom to change direction quickly and assuredly. Each needed to understand the unique requirements of each and every visitor – and to meet these needs with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

While BLACK has grown in recent years the initial vision from Andrew remains steadfast. For many clients, it is their time that they value most. For these visitors it is not a matter of ‘finding something to do’ but instead ‘finding the absolute best thing to do’. 

With the greatest of local networks BLACK delivers unprecedented access to unique experiences simply not available elsewhere. In action and relaxation, peace of mind and pace of heart, BLACK provides for every need you have.


“I am immensely proud of the team we have built over the years, in the individual skill and passion of each and every guide. The qualities that make up such a guide – integrity, discretion, sophistication and expertise – these are the greatest assets of our company.

For the world we work in and travel through our love is true. Most of us have lived here for decades. We respect this land cherish and care for it. For the ultimate experiences of our clients our commitment is unwavering. We will never settle for the everyday holiday. We value your investment in our services and do all we can to exceed your expectations. Thank you.”


Andrew Brinsley

Director, BLACK

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