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Our high country adventures and farm tours are incredibly popular with international visitors – and with good reason. This is a journey that will go off-road, across majestic terrain and into your heart forever.

With our expertise for reliable, safe and well-appointed European luxury 4WD tours we have built a considerable reputation over the years for providing an above standard off the beaten track experience.

This might be a trip into Skippers Canyon, the historic route of gold pioneers providing an adrenalin-building drive along the single track hundreds of feet below the raging Shotover River. It might be a trip to Macetown where, with over 30 river crossings, ‘the road less travelled’ along the Arrow River provides a thrilling and memorable history lesson. Or it could be a ‘Middle Earth’ tour to some of the Lord Of The Rings film locations dotted through this awe-inspiring countryside. 

We also have private access to some of the area’s most scenic farmland, where you can experience first-hand high country farming with Red Deer, cattle and sheep. This is a tour that gets you up close with the rich history and colourful culture of modern-day farming life.




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